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About OSHMED Solutions Sdn Bhd

OSHMED Solutions Sdn Bhd provides occupational health and safety solutions for businesses with our unique expertise and service quality. Our approach is to work in partnership with you to fully understand your working environment, its people and culture, and to tailor solutions that target specific areas for improvement.


Towards A Better Future For Health & Safety


To be a leading Occupational Health & Safety provider.


Adopt best practices in achieving industry quality standarts.


Our Boards of Directors

Dr Anza Elias

Dr. Anza is a Public Health Medicine Specialist (Occupational Health) with working experience in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. She is actively involved in occupational health services and programs such as COVID-19 management at workplace, management of occupational diseases and injuries, fitness for work assessment, return to work program, mental health program, and emergency response plan.

Dr Wan Muhammad Zulhusni Abdul Halim

Dr Zulhusni graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy in 2010 and served with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia for more than 6 years before attaining a postgraduate degree from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Community Health majoring in Occupational Health (2018) and a Masters in Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University, UK (2020). He is a certified Occupational Health Doctor registered under the Department of Occupational Safety & Health Malaysia (DOSH). He has served various companies for safety & health services with a special interest in noise and chemical hazards and ergonomics.

Muhammad Ihram Zulkefli

Muhammad Ihram is a Marketing Strategies person behind the scenes who has boosted the sales of few companies in Malaysia. Armed with knowledge in the Bachelor of Science in Physics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM. The arrangement and discipline of science that he acquired, added to his strength in having experience in developing systems and human development for the purpose of focusing on Marketing and advertising. He is currently a Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at An-Nur Health Care Sdn Bhd, Nova Care Sdn Bhd, An-Nur OSH Consultancy & Training Sdn Bhd and OSHMed Solutions Sdn Bhd.


Our Executive Team

Dr Anza Binti Elias

Medical Director

MBBS (Aust), M Community Medicine (Occupational Health) (UKM), MFOM (Ire) Public Health Medicine Specialist (Occupational Health)

Dr Wan Muhammad Zulhusni Bin Abdul Halim

Chief Executive Officer

MD (Russia), Master (Sc) of Community Health (Occupational Health) (UKM), MBA (Anglia Ruskin University, UK) Occupational Health Doctor

Muhammad Ihram Bin Zulkefli

Chief Business Development and Marketing

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Physics), National University of Malaysia (UKM). Assistant Medical Review Officer, AMRO (AOEMM).


Our OSH Specialist

Ts. Yusof Bin Kadikon

Yusof Kadikon graduated with Master of Engineering Management from UPM in 2011 with emphasis in Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineering. Yusof received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering) from UTM with emphasis in Ergonomics, Skudai. He started his professional work as an Assistant Mechanical Maintenance Junior Engineer at Pelepas Brigentine Service,PTP, Johor just after finished his degree. His research interests are Ergonomics / Human Factor Engineering. Now, he perusing his study on PhD in Industrial Ergonomics at UTHM.

Currently, he is a lecturer in Industrial Automation section in Universiti Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia France Institute (UniKL-MFI). Since he joined the university, he is placed under the Industrial Management Unit and has been given the trust to educate students in subjects such as Project Management, Safety and Health Management, Maintenance Management, Computer Aided Production Management , Workstudy and Ergonomic. His research interest is in Ergonomics and Safety Health.

He is currently member International Associate Engineer (IAENG), Malaysia Society of Occupational Safety & Health (MSOSH) , NRH-SHE and Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Malaysia HFEM). He also has extensive experience in the use of computer software applications engineering software such as AutoCAD, Minitab, and simulations software such as Delmia, Witness and Arena.

He is currently Trainer at NIOSH on Ergonomics and Manual Handling at Work Place (EMHW), has various experience on ergonomics assessment, Ergonomic Trained Person (ETP) Trainer and Safety and Health Officer Certificate Course (DOSH)

Ts. Yurizman Bin Jamil

Ts. Yurizman Bin Jamil, a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable background in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). With a strong educational foundation, diverse credentials, and extensive professional experiences, Ts. Yurizman brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Ts. Yurizman’s educational journey includes a Master’s Degree in Industrial Safety Management from UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health Management from OUM (Open University Malaysia). Furthermore, they have obtained a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, which enhances their understanding of engineering principles and their practical application in ensuring workplace safety.

In pursuit of continuous professional development, Ts. Yurizman has earned several credentials and competencies. They are recognized as a Professional Technologist in Atmospheric Science Environment Technology by the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT), highlighting their specialization in atmospheric conditions and environmental factors affecting safety. Additionally, they hold certifications from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) as a Safety and Health Officer, Industrial Hygiene Technician I and II, Confined Space (AESP AGTES), Noise Risk Assessor, and Indoor Air Quality Assessor. Their broad range of certifications demonstrates their comprehensive knowledge and ability to handle various aspects of occupational safety and health.

In addition, Ts. Yurizman have also served as an Occupational Safety and Health Officer with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia, accumulating valuable experience and insights over a long tenure. Prior to that, they worked as a Technical Assistant at Indah Water Konsortium, contributing to the management of safety considerations within the organization.

With their outstanding educational achievements, diverse credentials, and significant professional experiences, Ts. Yurizman is a highly qualified and respected OSH professional. Their commitment to promoting safety, expertise in various domains of OSH, and dedication to educating and guiding others make them an invaluable asset in the field.


Organizational Chart